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Practical Tips for Speeding up your South Carolina Divorce

One of the most commonly asked questions by clients of family law attorneys is how to speed up the process in their divorce case. This concern is very much understandable, given the fact that divorces and other family law cases can be emotionally unpleasant, costly, and very consuming. While there aren’t any actual shortcuts through the divorce process, the following tips may help things settle quicker and more easily:

Ask yourself if your positions are reasonable.

You cannot make the other party in your divorce be reasonable with their demands, but you can control your own demeanor. Regardless of how the other party conducts himself or herself, you should be willing to compromise on as many issues as possible.

Make time for your case.

Your divorce won’t last forever. While it is happening, it needs to take priority. Make a point of working around the schedule of your divorce case, even if it is inconvenient. Be available to work with your attorney on preparation and be ready for settlement discussions, mediation, or court at any time. If you want to take a hands-off approach and let your divorce attorney to do all the work for you, you will spend more time and more money.

Avoid unnecessary conflict whenever possible.

In a divorce case, the parties know each other well and know exactly how to set one another off. While it may make you feel better temporarily to provoke the other party, these types of unnecessary conflicts only result in anger and resentment, which ultimately make it more difficult and time consuming to settle the case. You must choose between feeling good for a moment or coming together to settle the divorce quicker.

Consider what the other side wants.

If you can present an agreement on an issue that you know will make the other side believe that their wishes are being heard and considered, you have a much better chance to settle your divorce as quickly as possible. Each party wants to know what is in an agreement for them. If they feel that the answer is nothing, then they are not going to agree.

Don’t be afraid to set a court date.

Sometimes, a party continues to be unreasonable or refuses to participate, no matter what you offer. Your divorce attorney can set a court date, in hope that it will prompt the other party to act. This will begin the process of hearings, discovery, mediation, and then trial. In many cases, the issues can be settled once everyone is forced into the same location.

Always remain calm.

It is a mistake, in a divorce case, to let the other party know exactly what you are feeling and how badly you want to speed up the case. If you share this information, you are giving that other party a huge advantage in negotiations. He or she will simply be able to force you to make concessions in order to get a quick agreement.

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