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“Under a very stressful situation I found Sahn Law Firm online and due to the good reviews, I hired Michael. Michael was available when needed, easy to talk to and always returned calls. He resolved my situation quickly and easily to the best outcome possible. I am super glad found Sahn Law Firm. The reviews were correct. He is the best!”

A Satisfied Client

“I got in a little trouble and Michael was able to represent my case and my charges were dropped. Very very dependable and always answers my calls or texts.”

A Satisfied Client

“Michael is the consummate professional. Communicative, effective, and reliable, Michael was swift in getting my case fully dismissed. It was a pleasure working with him and I would recommend him to anyone.”


“A few months ago I was facing some legal charges that could have resulted in the loss of my career. From the very first phone call with Michael Sahn, I felt like I had chosen the correct attorney to defend my rights and help me protect everything that I had worked so hard to achieve. He personally took my phone call and helped clarify exactly what I was facing and the services that he could provide to defend me. His professionalism is second to none and I would highly recommend him to anybody in need of legal counsel. Thank you, Michael, for working so hard on my behalf to protect my rights and help me recover from a potentially devastating situation.”

A Satisfied Client

“Thank you, Sahn law firm thanks to you all that helped me with my case may you all be blessed. I highly recommend this law firm for they are professional friendly patient with you and get you the help that you need. Thank you all From Brian. Highly recommend this law firm to anyone”

Brian O.

“I had a really stressful situation going on I called Attorney Michael Sahn and he really helped me out a lot… made my situation soo much better I really couldn’t ask for more. It was great working with him. thank you again!”

Richard R.

“He did an awesome job on my case for living outside the state of South Carolina. Thanks, again.”

Kimberly R.

“Highly professional, thoughtful, and very experienced and knowledgable professional service and a client advocate. Integrity driven and I cannot recommend enough.”

Robert B.

“Attorney Michael C Sahn represented me in my case against the City of Charleston and got the best possible outcome. He was extremely helpful in understanding my rights and what needed to be done in my case. He represented me in my absence in court and got the best possible outcome before going to jury trial. He is always willing to answer any questions you have and promptly returns all calls and emails. A true professional in every sense. I highly recommended his legal services. Thanks again, Mr. Sahn”

Matt S.

“Got into a bit of trouble last year and Mr. Sahn seemed to do everything he could to help me get my life back in order legally! Can’t say enough about how nice and responsive he had been. I really appreciate everything. And I would strongly recommend him to anyone!”

William M.

“Doug Henley is a wonderful family law attorney. I found him to be extremely professional. Highly recommended!”

Amy B.

“Michael and Doug are great attorneys who truly look out for their client’s best interest. I highly recommend the Sahn Law Firm for all of your legal needs.”

Anna S.

“Michael and Doug are fantastic! I highly recommend Sahn Law Firm.”

Emily B.

“Very professional and helpful law firm. Would definitely recommend!”

A Satisfied Client

“I would absolutely recommend this law firm if you have been arrested for a crime. Attorney Michael Sahn was able to take care of my case for me without me even having to go to court. I am grateful for having my charge behind me and not on my record.”

A Satisfied Client

“I recently had a case in Charleston County and used Michael Sahn for my case. He was fantastic. Very professional and thorough. I was more than happy with the result of my case and would very much recommend him to anyone else in a similar situation.”

A Satisfied Client

“I highly recommend this attorney.”

Philippe G.

“Michael is fantastic! I highly recommend Sahn Law Firm.”

Emily B.

“I am completely satisfied with this law firm. Michael Sahn was wonderful and handled my case with precision.”

Steg B.

Very timely and professional. Great job, highly recommended!

Serge R.

“Very excellent and treats potential clients in a more than professional manner. Thorough and builds a wonderful relationship from the get-go.”

David S.

“Michael is great attorneys who truly look out for his client’s best interest. I highly recommend the Sahn Law Firm for all of your legal needs.”

Anna S.

“I have worked with Michael Sahn in the past and have no hesitation recommending him for your legal services. Michael is professional, competent, and possesses the highest legal ethics of any attorney in Charleston. Whether you have a major or minor legal problem, the Sahn Law Firm will treat your case with the utmost attention that you deserve and expect in quality legal representation.”

Dale S.

“Great Lawyer!! Quick to respond to the needs of the case and very helpful!! Highly recommend Mr. Sahn for any Legal matters.”

Charles C.

“Michael Sahn helped our family tremendously. We are very grateful for his assistance and absolutely pleased with the service. We will use him in the future regarding any legal matters. Very highly recommended. Friendly and professional.”

Cassy T.

“I had a case that required a tremendous amount of research and legwork and Mr. Sahn really got after it. He was fast in returning my calls and truthful and forthright about the facts of my case. Mr. Sahn got the outcome I wanted and did it much faster than I could have hoped for. I would highly recommend Mr. Sahn for anyone needing great legal representation.”

Wendy E.

“Michael is a great attorney and had my charges successfully dropped. He was always easy to reach if needed and always remained courteous and respectful during conversations over the 3 year period of the case. Once the charges were dropped it lifted the weight off my shoulders. Thank you so much for helping me get on my feet again.”

A Satisfied Client

“I went to the Sahn Law Firm with little hope of finding a silver lining, I was in need of a lawyer for a serious legal matter. Once I met Michael Sahn, I had hope again. He was professional from day one but also treated you like one of his friends. It felt good to have him in my corner. The outcome of the case was amazing to me & my family. He worked wonders in my life and I thank him for it. Even though the case has long been over, he still helps to this day. I would recommend Michael Sahn to anyone who is in need of legal representation. It could mean all the difference in the world, believe me I know. It did for me!”

Trisha L.

“Highly recommended! Exceeded all expectations.”

A Satisfied Client

“I would highly recommend Michael Sahn attorney services. He was very helpful, going above and beyond from day 1 to handle my case matter as quickly as possible, was reassuring, professional and very accommodating in all aspects. He was able to secure me the best possible outcome for my case, with little required on my part. Excellent, excellent service. “

Travis M.

“I was in need of a lawyer for criminal charges and after meeting with three lawyers, Mr. Sahn was definitely the correct choice. The first time we met, I appreciated his professionalism and our discussion about the charges. Over the course of the next several months, Mr. Sahn was available and kept me up to date with the progress of my case. I am very pleased with the positive outcome that he was able to get for me. I recommend Mr. Sahn if you are also in need of representation.”

Drew J.

“The law firm did an excellent job with my case they followed up and kept me up and informed on my case I would definitely recommend this law firm to anyone in need of a good firm.”

A Satisfied Client

“Pleased and happy with Sahn Law Firm’s entirety of services. 5 Stars!”

Dylan R.

“Michael is a very detail oriented attorney, very exact, logical and sincerely puts his clients needs first. In my personal opinion, one of the best attorney in the town!”

Marshall B.

“Very professional. Got the result I needed. Always readily available to talk.”

Bryce M.

“From the moment I walked through the door, I knew that this man would take every necessary step to resolve the situation. My nerves and fears that the “system is too big” and scary to get any justice for a nobody like me completely diminished within minutes of our first conversation. Mr. Sahn provided me with peace of mind and kept me in the loop as things progressed, and when it was all over, we shared a celebratory moment of joy on the phone, showing me he truly DID care about finding justice. That’s my #1. I hope to never have to call him again, but if things roll that way in the future, he will be the only call I make. Thank You, Michael Sahn!”

Heather S.

“Unfortunately, I found myself in need of an attorney who could help me with a very stressful situation. After many wasted phone calls to other lawyers that either advised me they could not help me or assumed I could not afford them I finally found Michael Sahn, by reading through other clients reviews online. I decided to give him a call that next day on my break and from that point on my entire life changed. I’m just an ordinary person with no past need for an attorney and up until this point felt a little intimidated by the thought of needing an attorney or even going in to meet with an attorney. But after that very first phone call, I felt immediate relief that I had someone there to help guide me through this difficult time. I gave Michael the information he requested and he literally took care of everything for me. I never had to speak with another person. Because of my busy work schedule as well as my two toddlers Michael was also able to do everything with me via email or brief phone calls. I am SO thankful I made that phone call and found such a brilliant attorney who returned my life back to normal.”


“Loved that he answered his phone when I needed advise.”

Lyne B.

“I used Michael Sahn for a case I was involved in and he was extremely helpful. The conclusion and outcome of my case could not have been better!! Michael was so helpful throughout the entire process, was available by phone or e-mail or even in person anytime I needed help or had a question. I did not need to ask many questions however because he was very informative of every situation and kept my mind at ease through everything. Michael is smart, professional and cares very much about his clients. I highly recommend Michael Sahn Law Firm to ANYONE needing legal assistance.”

Toph G.

“Once upon a time, I lived in Charleston S.C. As a young man, I did young man things that landed me in a little bit of trouble. After the incident, I moved back home to a land far far away. Little did I know that this trouble would eventually catch up to me 10 years later. I had a 10 year old bench warrant that just never went away. That is until I called Sahn Law Firm. They made the warrant go away and even got the charge reduced, and did this without me even having to step foot in a courtroom. Not only that, but that is exactly what they told me they would do for me before even retaining their service. I regret what got me in this position, but not the solution. Thank you Michael Sahn for a job well done!!!!”

Tory D.

“Michael Sahn is an excellent attorney. You can count on someone who will work tirelessly for you. He is reliable, dependable and very thorough. I was extremely impressed with how he represented me and recommend him to anyone needing legal counsel.”

Theresa L.

“Great law firm to work with! Communication with Michael throughout my entire experience was fantastic. He was very quick to respond to all questions and made my experience as easy as possible. I am very happy with the outcomes. I would highly suggest Sahn Law Firm.”

Samantha P.

“Michael was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Obviously, when it comes to dealing with the courts and legal matters in general, things can be stressful and really weigh you down. From the moment I started working with Michael, I felt confident about my case and knew I was in good hands. We achieved the result he promised me, and it truly took very little effort on my part. I’d give six stars if possible.”

Zachary B.

“Michael knows what he is doing and I would highly recommend Sahn Law firm if you are in need of legal counsel in Charleston. Having grown up in Charleston and lived there all of his adult life, Michael has a deep understanding of the judicial and law enforcement systems where he practices law. He is incredibly well respected by the court system and judges alike and his clients have the benefit of his collective experience from his previous roles as a prosecutor and Assistant Solicitor.”

Shandon G.

“I would definitely recommend Attorney Sahn!! To start off I was arrested on 3 felony bench warrant’s 3 hours from Charleston. I was also facing over 10 years in prison. Mr. Sahn had my bench warrant’s lifted the next business day and I was set free to go home even though home was 3 hours away. Not only did he have the charges dropped with a small fine, I didn’t even have to drive back to Charleston to go to court he took care of everything for me! Now I am completely done with everything no probation officer to answer to and I won’t have to spend even 1 hour incarcerated. He is fast, polite and extremely effective!! If you have time hanging over your head then you can’t afford not to seek his representation! If I could give him higher than 5stars that is what I would rate his services!! “

Amy M.

“The best outcome I could have ever imagined. Michael was extremely professional throughout my case and always let me know what was going on. He was available to answer questions every time I called and always put me at ease. I truly felt better throughout the entire process by having him on my side. I would highly recommend Michael Sahn Law Firm.”

Brooke R.

“I used Michaels services for some family court issues. I could not ask for any more professionalism that was given. Michael was always there when needed. You truly felt he was there with you through the entire process. In and out of the office setting. I would 100% recommend using Sahn Law Firm for any legal issues you may need assistance with. I wish I could rate him higher than 5 Stars.”

Olin S.

“Wow!!! My absolutely Amazing experience with Sahn Law Firm and the super expertise of handling my case to a smooth matter and the bad ass skills of Mr. Sahn and I’m sure the best associates at Sahn Law Firm since my experience was great and comforting. I had never shown up in court and Mr. Sahn went beyond to send me my belonging back to me. I would choose this firm again 100 percent and I have another case I would like to start. I’m using Sahn Law Firm since my experience was Superior. As Sahn Law Firm is professional and comforting all around bad ass Sahn Law Firm from Mr. Sahn who handled my case so sweet:). No need to look any further, Sahn Law Firm is your best choice for a winning case of your matter as my case was handled so wonderfully and a win of my case. As the best can only be used for your case as my was complex and won with Mr. Sahn excellence and Super Lawyer Skill only. Sahn Law Firm you will see bad ass winning results. Choose the best Sahn Law Firm.”

A Satisfied Client

“This guy here changed my life was nothing but honest from day 1. He answered every time I called if he didn’t he called right back. He got me exactly the plea I asked for got all four of my felonies dropped I couldn’t ask for a better angel thanks Mr. Sahn, may God send you many blessings.”

Mike B.

“Attorney Sahn is informative, fair, consistent and has a great deal of integrity. Mr. Sahn kept me informed throughout the entire process of my case and helped me get the best possible result. I would recommend Attorney Michael Sahn for anyone looking for exceptional legal representation.”

Marcus S.

“I’m Chinese who speak broken English, when I first search lawyer in SC I don’t know which one look for, I am glad to choose Michael he is professional in law, he always be patient, hard understanding when I speak, he always did first thing in the morning when I expect. Michael is the best lawyer we need, you can’t go wrong with him. I bet he will make a surprise, he is my fortune cookie, happy Chinese New Year. What y waiting for is it your turn next.

James L.

“Hands down best decision! He is professional, proficient and cares about the client. Recommend Mr. Sahn to anyone!”

Anthony B.

“Michael Sahn was the best law firm I could ever ask for he did such an amazing job on my case. He did everything he said he was gonna help me with. He is a very trustworthy person and law firm. His professionalism was on point and if I ever need a law firm I know where to go.”

A Satisfied Client

“Did some research about my case and got a free consultation from Mr. Sahn. He didn’t beat around the bush. He gave me a price upfront and worked my case while I paid the balance off in increments. Called me today and told me that the case is dismissed. Great guy. Kept in contact and was able to work with me throughout this process. I’d recommend this guy to anyone looking for an attorney.”

Stephen F.

“I was facing a difficult situation, but Michael Sahn was extremely helpful and assisted me in achieving a very successful outcome. He neither made unrealistic promises nor gave me false hopes, yet remained positive and encouraging. His expertise ensured the best possible result for a case that could have ended badly under slightly different circumstances. I highly recommend him and anyone he’s vetted for his team.”

Eric S.

“Great law firm! Wouldn’t hesitate to use them again (hopefully won’t have a need though). Mr. Michael Sahn is an experienced lawyer who is extremely professional, personable, friendly & has an excellent reputation in dealing with the judicial system. He was very responsive to phone calls, texts & email messages, which was quite impressive, & eased my mind on multiple occasions! He took the time to listen to the situation, provide advice & thoroughly explain every step of the judicial process & what he was going to do. He explained what to expect at every step, what we needed to do, the best outcome, & the way forward. It was an easy decision to hire him, especially after that first meeting. Then during the entire process, he kept us informed, followed thru & delivered on everything he promised. I would recommend him to anyone that wants the BEST possible outcome (which is exactly how our situation ended)! We can’t possibly thank him enough for what he did, truly a lifesaver!”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Sahn has handled several legal matters for me over the years and has always been the consummate professional. He makes himself available and is excellent at explaining the fine points of the law in layman’s terms. He used to be a prosecutor so he knows a lot of people on both sides of the aisle which I think really helps in the legal field. He has always gotten me excellent results when he was my attorney, but he doesn’t hesitate to refer out a case to the appropriate person if my issue is not within his area of expertise and he thinks there is someone else who can help me more. Overall, I am very satisfied with how I’ve been treated, how prompt his responses have been, and how Mr. Sahn seems to know literally everything about his area of the law. Thanks, Mr. Sahn.”

Justin G.

“Loved that he answered his phone when I needed advise.”

Lyne B.

“Michael is fantastic! I highly recommend Sahn Law Firm.”

Emily B.

“I highly recommend the Sahn Law Firm for all of you legal needs. Michael and Doug were extremely professional and helped me through a very stressful legal matter. They always returned my phone calls and e-mails promptly. Also, they made themselves available to me on the weekends. They provided me with competent legal services and thanks to their hard work we were able to completely resolve my legal issues in a timely manner. Again, I can’t overemphasize how helpful and grateful I am for their service. Call the Sahn Law Firm… You won’t regret it!!”

Jim B.

“Michael Sahn is an extremely skilled attorney. I would highly recommend his legal services, He is a professional and delivers excellent outcomes for his clients. 10/10.”

Tom K.

“Our young adult college student son got in major trouble on a Friday night a few months back. Thankfully, no person or property were hurt but our son’s future was at risk big time. After we got him out of jail on Saturday I started making phone calls trying to find an attorney. We knew attorneys personally and we talked to a few but we were getting conflicting advice and basically no hope. After hearing about Michael Sahn from a friend, I left him a message on Sunday morning and he called back shortly after lunch. Immediately upon hearing from him we felt better. We could tell Michael knew what he was doing. He really came across as caring and professional. He gave us his cell phone number right away. He was available on the spot the next week to start helping us. We hired Michael and never looked back. He did what he said he would do. He responded immediately when we needed him. Things happened the way he said they would. He made us no promises and he gave us the details of worst case scenario and best case scenario. We ended up with BEST CASE SCENARIO. We are amazed. And so appreciative. Michael has a large network of attorneys and can help you even if you don’t live in Charleston. We live in the Columbia area and took perfect care of us. We’ve offered to serve as a reference for Michael and his team anytime!. We were very blessed to have found him.”

A Satisfied Client

“I highly recommend Michael Sahn! He is very professional and knowledgeable and most importantly available when you need him! I could not have found a better attorney and I’m extremely grateful for his help.”

Lisa R.

“After interviewing several attorney’s I decided on Michael Sahn. I’m sure glad that I chose him. Responsive, intelligent, a true professional. Michael was able to get my case dismissed and all records expunged. Don’t hesitate in contacting the Sahn Law Firm. I would give him 10 stars if I could. Thanks Michael for helping me and my family out during a difficult time.”

Paul W.

“I was facing a criminal charge for the first time in my life and I had no idea what to do. I was scared for my future, so I researched, called many different attorneys and asked many questions. After many days of searching, I decided that Michael was my best option and my best hope at keeping my previously perfectly clean record clear. Michael answered all my questions in great detail, making sure I understood every aspect of every step in my process for my case. He was always available for me when I had questions, and even worked with me on payments. I didn’t have to appear in court, he handled everything from start to finish and got me an even better deal than I originally expected. I am so thankful from the bottom of my heart for the effort and the end result that Michael gave me in my case. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, please give Michael a call, he will work tirelessly for you and he will accept nothing but the best option. I highly and absolutely recommend Michael Sahn to anyone in need of a lawyer, especially for a criminal charge, large or small.”

Sierra J.

“I found myself in a position I never thought I would in need of a lawyer to help defend me against a DUI and a drug charge. I was recommended to Attorney Michael Sahn by a friend who had used him in the past. Once speaking to Mr. Sahn, I felt a great sense of relief and hired him immediately. He kept me updated on what he was doing on my case and was always available via phone or email. And the very best part was that he was somehow able to get both of my charges dismissed!”

Larry M.

“Superb legal services provided. Very professional, efficient, knowledgeable, personable, and makes the client feel they are his top priority. Takes great measure in listening to the client’s needs; responds quickly to emails and requests for service. Couldn’t ask for better legal services!”

Nga H.

I was hit with multiple severe charges that would have resulted in loss of license and loss of job. Michael Sahn was highly respected by his own peers (spoke to many) and is rooted in the community. His work experience is beneficial to helping folks resolve dire situations with a positive result. My final outcome was a ticket with no points. Very appreciative and blessed that I went in this direction. Thank you Michael!

Michael S.

“Mr. Ward is an accomplished Trial lawyer with extensive experience in all aspects of the law. I would highly recommend him to help navigate the ins and outs of family court!”


Brian K.

Sylvia P.

Todd B.

Imani G.

Giselle E.

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