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Are you looking for a dedicated and highly-skilled criminal defense law firm in Charleston, SC? At Sahn Law Firm – Attorneys at Law, we provide clients with aggressive and skilled representation in some of the most difficult legal situations they face. From serious criminal charges to life-altering personal injury cases that have turned your world upside down, we will vigilantly represent your interests from the start to finish of your case. If you are looking for a proven and results-driven Charleston criminal defense attorney or Charleston personal injury attorney, then Sahn Law Firm – Attorneys at Law is the firm for you. At Sahn Law Firm – Attorneys at Law we have a team of attorneys throughout South Carolina that covers the practice areas of Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, and Worker’s Compensation, and DUI.

As your law firm, we will put our skill and experience to work for you in order to achieve the best possible result in your case. We have helped thousands of satisfied clients and can do the same for you. Contact us today so we can discuss about your case.

Handling Criminal And Personal Injury Matters In Charleston

We provide a broad array of legal services, including all criminal matters and personal injury cases in local, state, and federal court. Before starting Sahn Law Firm – Attorneys at Law, Michael C. Sahn was a prosecutor in Charleston. Our attorneys have over 24 years of combined experience in the courtrooms, working side by side with current prosecutors and court workers, establishing respect and rapport. We will put that reputation to work for you, advocating for the best possible outcome on your behalf.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Looking for criminal defense advice? Michael C. Sahn is the Charleston criminal defense attorney you should retain. We prepare each case thoroughly, fully investigating all details, always ready for whatever the opposition may try to throw your way.

Personal Injury Attorney

In need of a personal injury attorney? Michael C. Sahn has years of experience and proven success representing victims of personal injury. We will take on the individual, corporation, or insurance company so you can focus on healing and moving forward. We also fight for you to achieve the most money for our clients, whether through a settlement or jury verdict.

DUI Attorney

If you are facing a DUI charge, understand that you have not been convicted yet. As the former lead DUI prosecutor for the 9th Judicial Circuit (Charleston and Berkeley counties), South Carolina Criminal Defense/DUI Attorney Michael C. Sahn knows the steps to be taken to combat the charges, minimize the penalties, and get you through this stressful situation with a great result.

Skilled Charleston Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured because of someone else’s negligence, you deserve an experienced personal injury attorney to fight for your rights so you can focus on healing. No matter what type of injury you have, you will be treated with respect and compassion when you are our client. We have a very strong track record in getting our clients that maximum compensation that they deserve. And you pay no fee unless we win the case for you! Call now for a free, no obligation consultation.

Car Accident Lawyer – When you or a loved one is in a car crash, we understand what you are going though. This is a very stressful time and you are often suffering with painful and life-altering injuries. We will be there with you every step of the way, putting our years of experience and skill to work for you. We have a thorough understanding of insurance law and how the insurance companies will try to deny or minimize your claim. We are prepared for that, and our team will fight back for you to get the results you deserve.

Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer – A typical year in South Carolina includes more than 100 motorcycle accident fatalities and over 2,000 motorcycle injuries. As experienced motorcycle accident lawyers, we represent the injured or families of the deceased when motorcycle accidents are the result of someone else’s negligence or recklessness.

Truck Accidents Lawyer – Collisions involving trucks usually cause greater harm to a standard passenger vehicle than a typical car accident. As experienced Truck accident lawyers, we go after the responsible parties, whether that is the truck driver, truck owner, leasing company, or truck manufacturer. Truck accident cases have the potential to be extremely devastating for the injured parties, and we fight vigorously and tirelessly to achieve then most successful results possible for our trucking accident clients.

Boat Accident Lawyer – Although most South Carolina boating voyages end without incident, there are still numerous boating accidents that occur in South Carolina every year as a result of someone else’s negligence. Injuries caused by intoxicated operators, defective boats, and improper boat maintenance are a few of the personal injury cases that require an effective boat accident lawyer.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer – Sometimes the care received from medical personnel does not meet the expected standard of care. Doctors, nurses, surgeons, physician’s assistants, and pharmacists are a sampling of the people you entrust with your health whose medical malpractice can significantly impact the quality of your life.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer – After making the difficult decision to move a loved one into a nursing home, it is devastating to learn your that family member is not being cared for in the way they deserve. As your nursing home abuse lawyer, we can pursue cases of injuries caused by physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, financial exploitation, and neglect.

Slip-and-Fall Injury Lawyer – When you’ve been injured because of a slip-and-fall accident, it can hurt more than your pride. As Slip-and-fall injury lawyers, we often work with clients who’ve been seriously injured due to someone’s negligence in a public establishment, such as a grocery store, restaurant, fitness center, or other public place. We have also successfully handled cases where our clients were injured in another’s home.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer – Workers’ compensation laws were designed to protect employees who get hurt on the job, but the laws are complex and almost always employees need assistance in order to receive the maximum benefits. Workers’ compensation lawyers help clients receive payment for needed medical care, lost wages, disability, and death benefits. As your trusted Worker’s Compensation lawyers, our team will take on the big insurance companies for you, while protecting all of your rights. Call today for a free, no obligation consultation to see how we can help.

Wrongful Death Attorney – Losing a close relative is difficult enough. When they die as a result of someone else’s negligence or irresponsibility, it is even harder. Wrongful death attorneys help surviving family members obtain payment for funeral costs and medical expenses, as well as the loss of financial and emotional support from losing a loved one. We have years of experience helping grieving families pursue justice for their loved ones. We are here to help and guide you through the process during this difficult time.

Do not take on the insurance companies and corporations on your own. Without the assistance of a skilled personal injury attorney, an individual will almost always settle for less than they deserve. Contact Sahn Law Firm – Attorneys at Law to schedule a no-cost case review. And there is always no upfront costs and no fee unless we win the case for you. Call today!

Experienced Charleston Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’ve been charged with any crime, whether it’s DUI, Domestic Violence, Shoplifting, Disorderly Conduct, Drug and Weapons crimes, or any other charge, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and fight for the best possible outcome.

Assault and Battery Lawyer – Whether being charged with simple assault or assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, you could be facing jail time, fines, and a criminal record. You need a skilled criminal defense attorney with a deep understanding of the law fighting in your corner.

Drug Offenses Lawyer – South Carolina drug crime charges are based on the classification of the drug, as well as a scale from simple possession to drug trafficking. Most felony drug charges come with minimum jail time. An experienced drug offenses attorney will fight to get you a favorable outcome, from dismissal to lesser charges or penalties.

DUI Attorney – Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is taken very seriously in Charleston. If convicted, first-time offenders lose their license for six months or longer, have to pay up thousands in fines and court costs, and serve up to 90 days in jail. A top DUI lawyer will protect your rights by combing through the evidence to get your case dismissed or penalties reduced.

As a former prosecutor, Michael C. Sahn has experience on both sides of the courtroom. At Sahn Law Firm – Attorneys at Law, we know the intricacies of South Carolina criminal law and can perceive your case through the lens of a prosecutor, better preparing us to build your defense. If you are facing criminal charges of any kind, don’t wait to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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We understand the immense strain you are under as your case progresses, and your future lies in the balance. As your law firm, we will provide you with direct and honest information and answers, keeping you fully informed. We are accessible around the clock and provide each case the high level of attention it deserves.

We provide a free initial consultation to discuss the unique circumstances of your case. To arrange a meeting or phone consultation, please call (843) 856-2222 or send us a message.

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