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Truck Accidents

Truck AccidentsAccidents happen every day in Charleston, SC. So often, there is nothing even the most responsible drivers can do to prevent them. Unfortunately, the accident itself is just the beginning. The ensuing legal process that comes in its wake will likely prove to be challenging and excessively involved.

Accidents that involve tractor-trailer trucks are generally more complicated than accidents that involve standard vehicles for a few reasons.


Accidents involving trucks and the surrounding legalities differ from those involving only standard vehicles. This is due to the many federal regulations at play. Federal statute requires commercial trucking companies to obey specific laws designed to protect motorists. Failure to do so has severe consequences for them.

Our team of trucking accident compensation lawyers knows these laws and can prove a trucking company’s liability, ensuring you receive the compensation you are entitled to. Some examples of these laws include the regulation of:

  • Unstable loading of freight
  • Faulty vehicle parts
  • Driving log

Insurance Companies

In addition to fighting with your own insurance company and the other driver involved in the accident, you will likely need to fight with the trucking company’s insurance company. Insurance companies are known for prioritizing their financial well-being over people involved in accidents, but insurance companies that protect trucking companies are notoriously worse.

A trucking accident claim lawyer from our firm will more than likely advise you not to accept an offer from a trucking company’s insurance company. Chances are they are not offering you what you deserve but rather pennies on the dollar. Partnering with a trucking accident law firm is the surest way to ensure your highest chance of winning a much healthier amount.

An insurance company’s first offer may seem like a respectable amount, but it is most likely nowhere close to what you would get if you escalated your case. Insurance companies usually propose these before you can complete physical examinations, so you cannot know how much medical expenses will cost and for how long. It may run counter to your desire to get back to life as usual as quickly as possible, but escalating with a trucking accident lawyer may pay off in the long run. Winnings generally include compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Wages lost as a result of the accident
  • Damage to property
  • Other miscellaneous expenses


You can be injured in an accident involving a standard vehicle, but statistically, you are much more likely to suffer a more severe injury when in an accident involving a tractor-trailer truck.

Tractor trailers are enormous. Their size and weight are so much larger than standard vehicles. Accidents, even at lower speeds, can leave lasting damage because of this, entirely altering your ability to control your body and enjoy relationships as you have known.

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