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How Long Does The Mediation Process Generally Take?

There is not a clear answer to the question of how long mediation processes generally take. In my practice, mediation can be as short or as long as it needs to be, and this will depend on several factors, including the unique needs of the parties, the number and complexity of the issues involved, and the speed with which we can generate new options. I typically advise parties to schedule no less than about four to five hours. Oftentimes, this process can take longer than people anticipate. So the safest option is set aside at least four or five hours, and perhaps a full day. This is especially true for more complex cases in which the parties are highly conflicted, but also really want to reach an agreement outside of a trial.

In the event that we reach the end of a session that lasts a full day, and we’ve made great progress but still haven’t fully completed the process, we will schedule an additional session. It is very important to us that everyone has a full opportunity to complete the process and to complete their work.

Who Is The Ideal Client For Mediation?

First off, I would say that mediation is for everyone- even parties that feel that there is no chance whatsoever of being able to settle. Oftentimes, parties are quite surprised when they are able to generate options and ultimately craft a settlement agreement by the end of the session. That being said, mediation certainly works out most efficiently when parties come into the session prepared to negotiate in good faith. This can be particularly challenging in family court because the cases are so emotionally charged. These issues are so personal to people that emotions can be very difficult to overcome. However, we have the best chance of reaching a successful outcome if the parties have prepared thoroughly, and if they are prepared to meaningfully engage in the process.

Additional Information About Mediation Process In South Carolina

It is important to understand that while mediators are typically attorneys, they are impartial and therefore do not serve as an advocate for either side. As impartial third parties, mediators do not provide legal advice, but simply facilitate the formulation of a settlement.

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