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In A DUI Arrest, Will I Be Able To Drive When Leaving Jail?

After a DUI arrest, whether you are able to drive after being released from jail depends upon the facts and circumstance of your case. Depending on what allegedly happened during your arrest, your driving privileges may be suspended immediately. Please contact us immediately to determine what your options are to get your driving legally again.

What Are The Mistakes People Make Following An Arrest That Can Potentially Hurt Their Case?

The biggest mistake people make is that they are not willing to address the case proactively and expeditiously. After they have been arrested, people are often traumatized, scared, and very nervous about the whole situation. They may not want to address it until it becomes too late. They wait a long period of time before contacting an attorney. It is best to contact us immediately so that we can begin the process of advising our clients on what needs to be done as soon as possible. When it comes to criminal cases, there is a very strict limit regarding mandatory court dates and requesting a preliminary hearing.

Another big mistake is thinking that hiring an attorney is a waste of time and money. People will sometimes try to obtain the necessary information they need from people who are ill-equipped in the complicated arena of criminal law. Individuals may turn to the police, family, friends, people they know who have also been arrested and other lawyers perhaps who do not focus on criminal defense. Consulting with a legal professional who is highly practiced in representing clients with criminal charges is your best option to ensure that all your bases are covered. Attorney Michael C. Sahn can provide the expertise that you deserve and help you during this difficult time.

Am I Going To Have A Criminal Court Appearance In The First Month?

If you are charged with a Magistrate or Municipal level misdemeanor, then you will have your first court appearance in the first month or so. If you are charged with a General Sessions level offense, then your initial appearance should be within the first two months after arrest.

Should I Voluntarily Start Counseling Before My First Court Date? Will That Help Or Hurt My Case?

As with any decisions that could have any effect on your case, please consult with your attorney before making any decisions. Your attorney will advise you on the best course of action. Of course, if you are in need of any immediate mental health assistance, please seek this out as soon as possible.

What Advice Would You Give Someone Following An Arrest To Get The Best Possible Outcome?

It is important to understand your rights, as well as the laws for criminal issues in South Carolina. Without the proper knowledge of these topics, it can result in mistakes that may cost you money, time, and potentially your freedom. In order to improve your situation after an arrest, it is essential that every step is taken to avoid making errors that you will regret. Attorney Michael C. Sahn is dedicated to protecting your rights, procuring important evidence, and defending your case with a passion. Allow our firm to be of legal assistance to you during this process so that you do not fall victim to any of these mistakes.

My Friend/Family Member Was Arrested, How Do I Find Out Where He/She Has Been Taken?

Should you find yourself in this situation, please call us and we will assist you in locating your loved one. We can also represent them at their bond hearing and assist in the process of getting them released from jail.

Should I Call An Attorney Right Away?

Yes. If you are facing a criminal charge, no matter how insignificant you believe it may be, you should always seek legal advice. Seeking legal advice doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to hire an attorney, but you may need help understanding the charges against you. Sahn Law Firm – Attorneys at Law offers free criminal defense consultations, so ask away while you can. During this consultation, we will explain your charges and how things progress through the court system in a criminal case.

How Do I Find A Qualified Attorney Right Away?

To find the best attorney to handle your case, you should always perform your due diligence and research. You will want a lawyer who is top rated by both legal professional and clients. You should also look for an attorney who has extensive experience in the area of law you need. For criminal defense, having an attorney represent you who previously had experience on the prosecution side can be a huge advantage. At Sahn Law Firm – Attorneys at Law, we are all of the above, so please call us today so that we can help you get the best possible result on your case.

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