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How Can I Get My Loved One Released From Jail?

First, the person in jail will need to have a bond hearing. A bond hearing is the first step in the criminal process after the arrest of an individual. At this hearing, the bond judge determines the conditions according to which the individual can be released from jail—also known as “making bail”. However, bond isn’t always granted. In that case, the defendant will have to remain in jail until his or her case is resolved or an attorney requests a second bond hearing.

What Conditions Might A Judge Put On Someone Before They Are Released?

If there is an alleged victim or complainant in the case, then the bond judge will most likely put a “no contact” bond condition on the Defendant. In other cases, the judge may order the Defendant to undergo a mental or drug or alcohol evaluation. In most cases, the bond judge will allow not allow the Defendant to leave the state of South Carolina without prior permission.

What Type Of Bond Could Someone Receive At Their Bond Hearing?

In South Carolina, a bond court judge may allow someone out of jail based on their own personal recognizance without posting any bail money. A personal recognizance bond is often called a “PR bond.” However, a surety bond requires a person to pay money (or pledge collateral) to get out of jail. The amount of the surety bond has to be posted with the jail, or you will have to hire a bondsman who will charge a non-refundable fee in exchange for posting the bond for you.

Can Hiring A Lawyer Early On In The Case Help Get My Loved One Released Sooner?

Yes, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help explain the entire bond and jail process and help the family make the right moves to ensure that their loved one is released as soon as possible and with the most favorable bond type, amount, and/or conditions.

How Long Does The Process Take To Get Someone Released Once They Receive A Personal Recognizance Bond Or Post A Surety Bond?

Generally, it takes anywhere from 1 to 5 hours to be released after bond has been set (for a PR bond) or posted (for a Surety bond).

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