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The legal practice of Sahn Law Firm, Attorneys at Law is a client-focused firm providing skilled and aggressive criminal defense services to clients in the Charleston, South Carolina area.

A Criminal Lawyer Who Is On Your Side

Are you facing charges in Charleston, South Carolina? You'll need an aggressive criminal defense attorney on your side. County prosecutors are ready to make their case against you and are usually very experienced. It would help if you had a criminal defense lawyer experienced in Charleston courts and skilled at defending your rights.

About Michael C. Sahn, Esquire

Criminal justice lawyer Michael C. Sahn began his law career as a Charleston County prosecutor and worked his way up to be the lead DUI prosecutor. In this role, he took on thousands of misdemeanor and felony DUI cases, from first-offense DUI to felony DUI death cases.

Also, during his time as a prosecutor, Mr. Sahn got a wide range of trial experience taking on other misdemeanor and felony criminal cases, such as:

  • Domestic violence
  • Assault and battery
  • Armed robbery
  • Rape
  • Homicide
  • Drug offenses
  • White collar crimes

As a prosecutor, Mr. Sahn won many trials while working for Charleston County. His experience helps him see your case the same way a prosecutor would, enabling him to prepare an effective defense strategy for your case.


Wondering How A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You?

An Astute Criminal Law Criminal justice attorney Michael Sahn is aggressive in the courtroom. When facing a criminal charge, you need a skilled attorney experienced in taking cases to trial. Mr. Sahn is committed to getting the best possible outcome for your case. He understands that every case is different and will need an individualized approach. Mr. Sahn is thorough and will look at all aspects of your case, including police reports, witness statements, evidence, and more. This way, he can build a persuasive defense strategy for your case. He will fight for you every step of the way, from the initial arraignment to the conclusion of your trial. Michael C. Sahn is an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who will fight for your rights and freedom in court. He is highly knowledgeable and will fight hard to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. So, if you are facing criminal charges, contact Sahn Law today to discuss your case. You'll understand your available options enabling you to make an informed decision on how to proceed in your criminal case.

Criminal Defense Services You Can Rely On

At Sahn Law - Attorneys At Law, we provide criminal defense services to clients in across South Carolina.

DUI Lawyer

Michael Sahn is a highly experienced DUI lawyer. Whether you are a first offender DUI or a felony DUI, he can provide the representation you need to get the best possible outcome in your case. If you are facing a DUI in Charleston, you need to be aware of drunk driving and impaired driving laws in South Carolina. You risk losing your license, paying expensive fines, and possibly facing jail time. DUI lawyer Michael C. Sahn can help you understand the DUI laws in South Carolina and fight for your rights in court.

Domestic Violence Lawyer

Suppose you are facing domestic violence charges in Charleston. In that case, it is vital that you have an experienced domestic violence lawyer who can provide the representation you need to protect your rights. Michael C. Sahn has extensive experience handling domestic violence cases in South Carolina. He will work hard to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

Criminal Justice Lawyer

An Astute Criminal Law When you face charges of any criminal offense, it's important to remember that the prosecutor's job is to prove your guilt. Therefore, you deserve an experienced and aggressive criminal justice lawyer who will fight for your rights and take your case seriously. Michael Sahn takes his clients' cases very seriously because he understands the consequences of being convicted of a criminal charge. Mr Sahn informs his clients so they understand their options. He is thorough in his preparation and will review every detail of your case, looking for any evidence that could benefit your defense. Contact Sahn Law today for a free consultation if you are facing criminal charges and in need of a criminal lawyer, DUI attorney, or domestic violence law firm. Michael Sahn is experienced in criminal defense services and can provide you with smart and aggressive representation in court.

Contact Sahn Law Today – Your Freedom Is On The Line

When defending your rights and freedom, you need an experienced criminal lawyer who is well-versed in the laws and regulations of South Carolina. Mr. Sahn is skilled at finding weaknesses in the prosecution's case and will work hard to expose them in court. His proven track record shows Mr. Sahn is passionate about defending his clients. If you are facing criminal charges, don't hesitate to contact criminal defense law firm Sahn Law today for a free consultation. Our experienced Criminal Defense Attorney will provide you with the defense you need to fight your charges. Call the office in Charleston, SC, at (843) 856-2222.