Are You Facing Felony DUI Charges?

If you have been involved in multiple DUI convictions or have been charged with a DUI that led to another's death or great bodily injury, you need experienced representation as soon as possible. Penalties for the conviction of a felony DUI are harsh and will alter your life.

The case may seem bleak, but it is never lost. Sahn Law Firm in Charleston, South Carolina, is here to help. As a skilled DUI defense attorney, I can help you understand what can be done to minimize the charges.

Defense Against Charges After A Drunk Driving Accident

As a former felony DUI prosecutor, I understand these cases inside and out. I know how the case progresses from the initial stop to the judge's sentence, and I will do everything within my power to fight the charges and achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf.

As your lawyer, I will review the evidence of the drunk driving accident to determine exactly what happened. Whatever the evidence shows, it is my job to discover mitigating factors that can work to your advantage.

I am aggressive, knowledgeable and experienced, and I will fight to protect your rights in the matter.

Contact Me For A Free Attorney Consultation

All cases are unique in the circumstances that surround them. To understand each case in detail, I provide a free initial consultation. During the consultation, I will uncover what needs to be done and what steps I will take to shield you from the full brunt of a conviction.

To arrange a meeting, please contact me at Sahn Law Firm today at (843) 856-2222 or toll free at (800) 481-1169.